All Seasons Hotel

The project, in short

The All Seasons Hotel, Troyes, France is built using the HQE Environmental Approach. The hotel was designed and built according to the 14 target areas in the French Green Building Certification (HQE®).

The hotel also meets high energy performance levels defined by the label “Bâtiment Basse Consommation Effinergie”.

Compared to a standard building, energy consumption is reduced by over 50%.

Site Construction was undertaken while reducing the construction site impacts. High performance equipment for heating, lighting, ventilation, hot water, water use etc. have been put in place and ensure the comfort of the occupants throughout the year.

The environmental approach used for this hotel is now used by the client for other hotels in France.

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Project name All Seasons Hotel
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) Espace Concept (Architect), CFERM (Mechanical/electrical), PINGAT WEBER (Structure), AUBELEC (Fire safety), TERAO (Green Building)
Owner(s) SHCC
Developer(s) ACCOR Group
Year of construction 2010
Address, Country Troyes, France
Building life span 50 years
Heating-degree days 1489
Cooling-degree days 219
Project gross area above ground [m²] 3865
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 3865
Site area [m²] 2200
Stories (above grade) 4
Occupancy type(s) Hotel
Typical building population 77 room double (154 max) + staff (~20)
Number of operating hours / year 8760
Assessment phase Construction/Operation
Assessment tool EFFINERGIE BBC
Rating Awaiting certification BBC

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