New Research Laboratory at the Tobitakyu Research Center of the Kajima Technical Research Institute

The project, in short

In the New Research Laboratory of the Kajima Technical Research Institute, a wide range of research on subjects such as countermeasures for global warming, biotechnology and renewable energies is conducted. More than ten leading-edge technologies that could help to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in a step-by-step manner were applied to this building to ensure efficient use of energy and enable various renewable energy sources to be utilized. For example, a task-ambient air-conditioning system, an airconditioning system using renewable energy and so on, were applied to this building.

A task-ambient air-conditioning system was adopted for common corridor space that is called the “knowledge street”. In this space, indoor temperature is not completely controlled (ambient air-conditioning), but a task air-conditioning system can be used only at the necessary point like a meeting space. Using this system, an energy consumption of air-conditioning is reduced and at the same time, the thermal condition of a meeting space is kept comfortable.

As one of the green technologies, an air-conditioning system using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, sunlight, geothermal energy and underground water was designed and its performance was evaluated.

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Project name New Research Laboratory at the Tobitakyu Research Center of the Kajima Technical Research Institute
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) Kajima corporation (Kajima design)
Owner(s) Kajima corporation
Developer(s) Kajima corporation
Year of construction 2008
Address, Country 19-1, Tobitakyu 2-chome, Chofushi, Tokyo, Japan
Building life span 100 years
Heating-degree days 1845(D18-18)
*standard meteorological phenomena data
Cooling-degree days 822(D18-18)
*standard meteorological phenomena data
Project gross area above ground [m²] 5187,8
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 7007
Site area [m²] 6590
Stories (above grade) 4
Occupancy type(s) Research
Typical building population 50
Number of operating hours / year 2450
Assessment phase construction design
Assessment tool CASBEE-NC 2008
Rating BEE=3.2 (S)

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