Vargbro School

The project, in short

The newly-built school in Storfors in Värmland, Sweden was planned to be one of Sweden’s most energy efficient schools, a goal which was subsequently fulfilled.

The school, which has an area of 4,030 m2 is used by 280 pupils each day and has 55 employees. It consists of two well-insulated floors above ground and an underground culvert used for supplying the school with fresh air. The culvert has a significant role in the energy-saving construction; when the supply air is drawn through the culvert the ground surrounding the culvert contributes with heat in the winter and has a cooling effect in the summer. The preheated / precooled air is supplied to the classrooms as required, according to the temperature in the classrooms. The air is then passively released via the roof through regulated cowls, so no heat exchange is needed. For most of the year, heat from pupils, lighting and computers is sufficient to maintain the desired temperature. At night and particularly cool days a radiator system connected to district heating supplies the extra heat needed.

Thanks to the culvert, no active cooling is needed in summer. Transporting air through the culvert cools the supply air. Transporting air in a culvert results in very low pressure drops, reducing the amount of electricity needed for fans. The supply air volume is also carefully controlled according to several criteria ensuring a good indoor climate. In total the school consumes less than 35 kWh/m² ua * year including all heating, cooling and operation.

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Project name Vargbro School
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) K-konsult arkitekter i Karlstad
Granruds konstruktionsbyrå
Owner(s) Stofors municipality
Developer(s) NCC
Year of construction 2007
Address, Country Skolgatan 2
688 31 Storfors
Building life span >100 years
Heating-degree days 4315
Cooling-degree days 217
Project gross area above ground [m²] 4030
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 4800
Site area [m²] 2273
Stories (above grade) 2
Occupancy type(s) Education
Typical building population 280 Pupils aged 7-15 years and 55 teachers
Number of operating hours / year 2350
Assessment phase 2008-2010 (first two years in operation)
Assessment tool Evaluated in scientific report publiched by Karlstad University
(Target) rating N/A

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