Energy-Plus Primary School

The project, in short

Germany's first new build energy-plus school building is based on an integrated design approach that provides excellent learning conditions regarding spatial quality, air quality, thermal and visual comfort. The main technical features are the highly insulated passive house standard, a newly developed hybrid ventilation concept, the use of renewable energy sources and the integration of innovative building components.

The primary school in Hohen Neuendorf, north of Berlin, is the first new-build plus-energy school building in Germany. The building provides a gross floor area of 7.414 m² and is designed to enable primary school teaching in accordance with contemporary needs. The project comprises of the construction of a primary school with an integrated triple-field sports hall. The integrated design approach conceives all technical, energy-based and functional requirements as an integral part of the architecture and permits a lean technical concept with a simple, easily controllable and low maintenance engineering system for reaching a high comfort indoor climate. The goal of the project is to show, that it is possible to realise a Plus Energy School building without increased costs in comparison to a new “standard” building.

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Project name Energy-Plus Primary School
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) IBUS Architects and engineers

Stadt Hohen Neuendorf

Developer(s) -
Year of construction 2009-2011
Address, Country Gorthestraße 1, D-16540 Hohen Neuendorf, Germany
Building life span -
Heating-degree days -
Cooling-degree days -
Project gross area above ground [m²] 7.414
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 7.414
Site area [m²] 14.000
Stories (above grade) 2
Occupancy type(s) School and sports hall
Typical building population 540 pupils
Number of operating hours / year 1640
Assessment phase 2011-2016
Assessment tool Legep
(Target) rating -

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