Takamatsu University Building 2

The project, in short

The project is a newly commissioned school building at Takamatsu University. The university’s motto, since its conception, has been one of “communication.” The main campus is situated within 15 minutes’ driving distance of downtown Takamatsu in Kagawa Prefecture. Set in the heart of the Sanuki Plain, the campus extends alongside the rich natural environment of the Kasuga River.

The corridor building typology was arrived at by positioning a courtyard between new and existing buildings, whereby organizing rooms along the north-south axis, adequate ventilation and lighting requirements were met. The design agenda focuses on ecology and emotion. In order to generate communication among and between both fellow students and faculty, a number of pleasant “gathering” spaces were created. These feature timber decks, socially-charged hallways and a student lounge. The ventilation system, features stacked chimneys designed to efficiently as well as naturally vent warm interior air by taking advantage of the winds that are characteristic of the Sanuki Plain. Timber decks admit natural light and ventilation into the corridor, rendering the space more pleasurable to inhabit and less monotonous: a fitting platform for “communication”. Other features taking into account ecological and emotional considerations are those aimed at generating “communication” between building occupants and nature. These include flat slab eaves, pergolas and (structural) brise-soleil pillars that help filter direct sunlight.

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Project name Takamatsu University Building 2
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) Takenaka Corporation
Owner(s) Sikoku Takamatsu Gakuen
Developer(s) -
Year of construction 2008
Address, Country Takamatsu, Kagawa, Japan
Building life span 60 years
Heating-degree days 4 months
Cooling-degree days 3 months
Project gross area above ground [m²]


Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 4.098
Site area [m²] 33.631
Stories (above grade) 4
Occupancy type(s) University
Typical building population 500
Number of operating hours / year 2400
Assessment phase Post-design
Assessment tool CASBEE
Rating A

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