A Grander View

The project, in short

This 2,150 m2 office housing 80 occupants has been designed with significant technical expertise, combined with ingenuity and a strong commitment to achieve superior energy and overall environmental performance. The project features new materials in a high performance building envelope with a narrow footprint offering natural light for all occupants, an innovative mechanical system, and an unconventional approach to interior fit-up. Features include a VRF heat pump system, pre-tempered ventilation air by earth tubes, natural ventilation, extensive zoning with occupancy sensor control of lighting and HVAC, exterior shades, rainwater capture for toilets, low-flow water fixtures, and a 5.5 kW roof-mounted solar PV array. The measured energy intensity is 65 kWh/m2.

Employee engagement includes green incentives for hybrid vehicles including preferred parking spots, transit passes, and free low-flow showerheads, rain barrels, and compost bins. In addition, the company has a plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2014.

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Project name A Grander View
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) Robertson Simmons Architects, Enermodal Engineering
Owner(s) Carpenter Properties
Developer(s) Carpenter Properties
Year of construction



Address, Country 582 Lancaster St W, Kitchener, ON Canada N2K 1M3
Building life span 50+ years
Heating-degree days 4500 C-days
Cooling-degree days -
Project gross area above ground [m²] 2150
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 2150
Site area [m²] 8100
Stories (above grade) 3
Occupancy type(s) Office
Typical building population 85
Number of operating hours / year 3100
Assessment phase Completed
Assessment tool LEED
Rating Platinum

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