Key Performance Indicator Value Source
L: Location    
L2: Total distance to public transport stop, food service, nearest main residential area, divided by total items. 43 metres -
E: Energy and Emissions    
E1: Embodied energy from the total of off-site materials used in construction.  2149,26 kWh/m² ua*yr Inventory of Carbon & Energy (ICE) Version 2.0 
E2: Delivered energy in for all operating end uses. 148,8 kWh/m² ua*yr UNI TS 11300
E3: The fraction of total annual operating energy (from E2) provided by on-site renewable energy production. 13,0% PV GIS (photovoltaic plant)
E4: Greenhouse gas from delivered energy for all operating end uses. 29,3 kg GHG/m² ua*yr protocollo ITACA
M: Materials    
M1: Ratio of usable area to gross area above grade. 77,70% -
M2: Total weight per unit area of all materials in the project. 2676,89 kg/m² -
M3: Total weight of renewable materials in project. 204,47 kg/m² -
M4: Total weight of re-used/recycled materials in project. 17,01 kg/m² -
M5: Fraction of building materials/elements with demounting/recycling instructions.   -
W: Water    
W1: Total gross water use per year used for occupants, irrigation and building systems. 7,14 m³ / m² ua*yr -
W2: Net potable water per year supplied to the project. 0,32 m³ / m² ua*yr -
I: Indoor Environmental Quality    
I1: Statement of conformance to applicable ventilation and air quality standard(s), e.g. ASHRAE, CIBSE, CEN etc.) 800 ppm UNI 15251
I4: Daylight factor in typical room or space at lowest typical floor. 3,35% D.M. 5 Luglio 1975
O: Others    
O1: Life cycle cost, or capital cost and actual or estimated operating cost. capital cost: 4710000€
operating cost:17920€
O2: Other performance information of interest that is not included above or in the performance assessment result. Delivered energy for all operating end use of the building (point E2) has been calculated considering an electric consumption (other than conditioning plant) equal to 40 kWh/m2 ua*yr