Rosignano Marittimo Public Library

The project, in short

The planimetric configuration of the building, arranged on one floor only, meets the primary requirement of rational organisation of the library and simultaneously encourages the creation of a public space providing the suggestion of a sheltered pedestrian path.

This informal way, generally traversed by people going between two dense parts of the city, has been incorporated into the building: in this way passers-by experience a different and original approach to library services, even just curiosity, and can overcome the typical threshold fear which usually dissuades people from entering institutional buildings.

The new building's meaning comes not from its architectural features; on the contrary its symbolic value lies in the way it relates to nature and to the surroundings. At the urban scale the architecture is half-hidden in greenery, only the coloured solar chimneys emerging. The library itself is a symbol: of knowledge, of awareness, of broad-mindedness, of the intelligent fruition of resources; a sort of monument to sustainability and to environmental respect. The library, built in laminated timber structure and straw-bale walls, making use of natural ventilation systems, meets the client's requirements of sustainability, of environmental respect, of energy-efficiency, of thermal and acoustic insulation, thus becoming its own symbol.

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Project name Rosignano Marittimo Public Library
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) AREA PROGETTI srl, una2 architetti associati, Golder Associates, Arch.Andrea Michelini, Arch.Laura Ceccarelli
Owner(s) Comune di Rosignano
Developer(s) Cooperativa Lavoratori delle Costruzioni
Year of construction 2010-2011 (under construction)
Address, Country Via della Costituzione, Rosignano (Livorno, Italy)
Building life span -
Heating-degree days 1st November - 15th April (heating season)
Cooling-degree days 1st May - 30th September (cooling season)
Project gross area above ground [m²] 2960
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 2960
Site area [m²] 5465
Stories (above grade) 1
Occupancy type(s) Library
Typical building population 400
Number of operating hours / year 3345
Assessment phase Design
Assessment tool Protocollo ITACA (Office 2011)
(Target) rating 2,9

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