Public Nursery "S. Dissegna"

The project, in short

In the last few years the construction of new public nursery school buildings has been carried out in an energy and environmental way. Thus more designers have been called to improve the thermal interior comfort and, at the meantime, to reduce the building environmental impacts during its whole life.

The new public nursery, “S.Dissegna” in Poirino (in the Piemonte region of Italy) has been designed and built with local and recyclable materials and constructive technologies marked with a low environmental impact and with good thermal and acoustic performance. Passive design strategies were considered in order to control the solar gains and a careful design was also placed in the choice of plant, coming to get a low energy demand (heating and lighting) and a good level of indoor comfort during the operating phase.

A rainwater collection system, a lighting dimmer system, a lightning protection system and renewable energy systems, such as solar photovoltaic panels and solar hot water collectors, have been designed and built.

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Project name Public Nursery "S. Dissegna"
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) ATP: Ingegneri - Massara - Rostagno - Tafuri
Owner(s) Municipality of Poirino
Developer(s) Habitat Legno SpA
Year of construction 2008-2010
Address, Country Strada Antica delle Poste, Poirino (TO), Italy
Building life span 50-70 years
Heating-degree days 2727
15th October-15th April (heating season)
(Italian climatic zone: E)
Cooling-degree days 1st May-30th September (cooling season)
(Cooling system has not been provided)
Project gross area above ground [m²] 676,75
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 676,75
Site area [m²] 1.622
Stories (above grade) 1
Occupancy type(s) Education (nursery)
Typical building population 5 adults, 35 children
Number of operating hours / year 1600
Assessment phase Design
Assessment tool Protocollo ITACA (2009) Piemonte
(Target) rating 3,4

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