40 Apartments in the Giron Group

The project, in short

GRUPO GIRON project and ARI rehabilitation program places in an economic conception of recycling and reutilization, not just the housing but the urban fabric as a whole. Emphasis is placed on urban spaces and aged infrastructures, with strong urban need of refurbishment and renovation. This has a cost of € 43,000 per dwelling.

The option to rehabilitate is three times cheaper than the construction of new work in Zaragoza. Urban renewal of existing infrastructure is two and a half times cheaper than new urban fabric.

GRUPO GIRON has some singularities that must be distinguished to justify the constructive solution chosen for the rehabilitation: the original brick has great strength, rigorous climate conditions, limited habitable conditions, thermal performance and individual heating facilities are very poor, patrimonial value of the whole and the massive scale of the rehabilitation.

The scope of rehabilitation is comprehensive and includes: the improvement of the thermal envelope, the improvement of the accessibility and the redevelopment of facilities.

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Project name 40 Apartments in the Giron Group
Type (new/renovation) Renovation

Gerardo Molpeceres

Montserrat Abad

Owner(s) Multi-property
Developer(s) Moampe
Year of construction 2008-2009
Address, Country Amistad 1, 3 y 5 y Girón 8, Zaragoza, Spain
Building life span 50 years
Heating-degree days 1150,69
Cooling-degree days 576
Project gross area above ground [m²] 2556,15
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 2556,15
Site area [m²] 1748
Stories (above grade) 5
Occupancy type(s) Residential
Typical building population 200
Number of operating hours / year 8760
Assessment phase Construction
Assessment tool VERDE
Rating 5

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