Taipei International Expo 2010

The project, in short

Located in a subtropical zone, Taiwan as a whole has a high-temperature and high-humidity climate. Taiwan is a long and narrow island along north-south direction with the Tropic of Cancer at 23,5 degrees north latitude passing through it. The climate in the area north to the Tropic of Cancer is subtropical, and that in south is more tropical and warm.

Xingsheng three pavilions of Taipei International Flora Exposition 2010 are located in the Xinsheng Park of northern Taipei, Taiwan. The park is surrounded by Keelung River in the north, Jianguo Expressway in the east, and Xinsheng Expressway in the west. In addition to the flight path of Taipei Songshan Airport above, the urban-edge spot is covered with noises and green plantation.Xingsheng three pavilions include Pavilion of Dreams, Pavilion of Future, and Pavilion of Angel Life.

The public facilities encompass entrance square, entrance boulevard, traffic transit stations, temporary toilets, and rest stations. Part of the temporary building can return to the sustainable use of park after the exposition.

Three pavilions integrate the qualities of “green building, modern green house, and intelligent building.” The design complies with the requirements of EEWH (ecology, energy saving, waste reduction, health) certification in Taiwan. Therefore, we also assessed this case by SBTOOL2010 version to confirm the performance results under the International Standardization Organization.

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Project name Taipei International Expo 2010
Type (new/renovation) New
Designer(s) Bio-architecture formosana,Ching-Hwa Chang/Ying-Chao Kuo
Owner(s) Taipei City Government
Developer(s) Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government
Year of construction 2009-2010
Address, Country Taipei, Taiwan
Building life span 20 years
Heating-degree days 35 °C (summer temperature)
Cooling-degree days 18 °C (winter temperature)
Project gross area above ground [m²] 8.643,08
Project gross area (including below ground) [m²] 14.391,76
Site area [m²] 161.057
Stories (above grade) 2
Occupancy type(s) Exposition
Typical building population 3.114.560 visitors
Number of operating hours / year -
Assessment phase Operation phase
Assessment tool EEWH
(Target) rating Diamond level

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